Citizen of the Year

Citizen of the Year Award

The council invites seniors, schools, religious organizations, service clubs, appointed boards, private citizens, or groups of citizens to nominate more individuals for the following awards:

No employee or elected official presently serving the Town of Cardston is eligible for nomination. Consideration should be given to the time, dedication, and impact of service to senior Citizens, or any other service deemed to be worthy of recognition. The recognized service may be a part of the nominee’s normal occupation but should be for that service beyond the call of duty.  The nominee should be a current resident of the area. Nominations are to be confidential from the nominee until a decision is made by the judges. Applications can be picked up at the Town Office, or downloaded by clicking on the appropriate links above.

You may submit your nomination online by filling out the form below. If you have any supporting documents, you can submit them with the form, email them to or drop them off at the Town Office. Please read the appropriate linked document above for Nomination and Committee Rules, and Criteria for Nomination for the award you're submitting a nomination for. 

Previous Citizens of the Year

Year Citizen of the Year Award Young Citizen of the Year Award Lifetime Citizen Achievement Award
2023 Kent & Kristi Wynder Cohen Eagle Bear Val Jensen
2022 Jenna Farrell Rayden Thesen Vern Quinton
2021 Cinda Spirig Brendan Walsh David Innes
2020 Ricky Thesen Sara Salmon Andy and Joan Strang
2019 Sarah Prete None Julia Redford
2018 Bert & Elaine Piepgrass None Bert Holmes
2017 Justin Low None Tom Traweek
2016 Jeremy Prete Tate Sommerfeldt Howard Snyder
2015 Paula Brown None Alonna Leavitt
2014 Catherine Jasperson    
2013 Richard Bengry    
2012 Linda Burwell    
2011 Dr. Glen Jones    
2010 Jack & Ida Lowe    
2009 Bill & Wendy Creed    
2008 Zenieth Gaynor    
2007 Dale Lowry    
2006 Priscilla Hatch    
2005 William Komm    
2004 Norma Reeves    
2003 Theron L. Smith    
2002 Martha Reichle    
2001 Michele Snyder    
2000 Dr. Robert Russell    
1999 Grace West    
1998 Herman Linder    
1997 Hazel Cahoon    
1996 Darlene Woolford    
1995 Otto Tjournelund    
1994 Dean Berezay    
1993 Wayne Rasmussen    
1992 Ardith Tjornelund    
1991 Dr. B. J. Larson    
1990 Glen Broadhead    
1989 Donna Steed    
1988 Bert Gibb    
1987 Lola Archibald    
1986 Clara Prete    
1985 Betty Gauld    
1984 Harvey Wolff    
1983 Don Remington    
1982 Leo Stutz    
1981 Willis Pitcher    
1980 Lyle Holland    
1979 Bill Laidlaw    
1978 Lervae A. Cahoon    
1977 Brigham Y. Low    

Citizen of the Year Nomination Form

Which award are you nominating for?

Show how the nominee has met the criteria mentioned in the respective nomination form available for download above. Please include as much detail and context as possible. Convince us why this person deserves this award.

If you need to attach supporting documentation such as photos, newspaper clippings, printed documents, etc, you may submit them with this form, or email your documents to Alternatively, you could drop off your documentation at the Town Office. Please be certain to attach your nominee's name to your supporting documentation.

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