COVID-19 Updates

The COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing. See COVID-19 info for Albertans for up-to-date information.


Christ Community Fellowship (Baptist Church)

260 1st Street West
Contact: Pastor Matthew Deneault
(250) 540-2449

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Aetna Ward 338 5th Ave East 403-653-4224
Cardston 1st Ward 846 1st Ave West 403-653-3838
Cardston 2nd Ward 355 3rd St West 403-653-4044
Cardston 3rd Ward 355 3rd St West  403-653-3214
Cardston 4th Ward 950 Main St 403-653-3632
Cardston 5th Ward 355 3rd St West 403-653-3032
Cardston 6th Ward 338 5th Ave East 403-653-3989
Cardston 7th Ward 950 Main St 403-653-4307
Cardston 8th Ward 846 1st Ave West 403-653-1168 
Cardston Youth Single Adults Ward 950 Main St 403-653-1435

Faith Lutheran

590 1st Avenue West
Contact: Andy Strang

St. Andrew’s United Church

389 2nd Avenue West
Contact: Reverend Glenda Wert

St. Paul’s Anglican Church

90 1st Avenue West
Contact: Gerri Eagle Speaker

St. Theresa’s Roman Catholic

124 1st Street West
Contact: Father Angelo D’Costa