Westwind School Division´╗┐

Westwind Mission Statement

Recognizing the growth and personal development of the student to be its major mandate, the Board of the Westwind School Division No. 74 shall carefully and conscientiously establish policies and manage financial matters to provide an environment where:

  1. The Students will be able to develop their talents and skills, gain an appreciation of the worth and joy of learning, achieve academically at a level near their potential and ability, gain a feeling of self-worth, and understand the responsibilities that society places upon the individual.
  2. The Staff will be caring, competent and motivated to render to the student the very best educational opportunity possible, whether directly in the classroon, or in a supporting role outside the classroom.
  3. The Public feels it is informed and understands the decisions and policies of the Board and that avenues are provided to express feelings and concerns as they relate to educational decision.

Central Office
445 Main Street
Phone: (403) 653-4991
Fax: (403) 653-4641
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Alternate School
Phone: (403) 653-1547
Fax: (403) 653-1548

Cardston Elementary School
730 4th Avenue West
Phone: (403) 653-4955
Fax: (403) 653-2001

Cardston Junior High School
430 5th Avenue East
Phone: (403) 653-4958
Fax: (403) 653-3653

Cardston High School
145 4th Avenue West
Phone: (403) 653-4951
Fax: (403) 653-1023

Adult Education
For information on Adult Education programming, please contact:
Kathy Richards
445 Main Street
P: 403-653-3922
F: 403-653-4641