Public Health State of Emergency

COVID-19: State of public health emergency declared. Mandatory measures are in effect.

Town & Staff Departments

Town Administration


Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Jeff Shaw 653-3366 

Corporate Services

Director of Corporate Services Jill Heninger 653-3366 
FCSS Director & Municipal Clerk Terah Thesen 653-3366 
Development & Safety Officer Nolan Card 653-3366 
Communications Clerk Shem Simmons 653-3366 
Economic Development Officer & Municipal Clerk Angel Isaac 653-3366 
Civic Center Maintenance Anthony Seear 653-3366 
Municipal Intern JD Haitsma 653-3366 

Infrastructure Services

Director of Infrastructure Services Barton Atwood 653-5674


Electrical Foreman Lennard Nichols 653-5672
Power Line Technician (PLT) Shane Steinke 653-5672

Parks and Recreation

Park and Recreation Foreman Randy Russell 653-1135
Lead Hand / Herbicide Applicator Jeff Heggie 653-1135
Pool Supervisor Doug Sanders 653-3982
Golf Course Manager Alex Schow 653-4198

Public Works

Public Worker Don Weston 653-3772
Public Worker LaNark Duce 653-3772
Public Worker Mario Ringwald 653-3772
Public Worker Daniel Arrieus 653-3772
Public Worker Dylan Boehmer 653-3772
Public Worker Dallin Tagg 653-3772

Water and Wastewater

Water and Wastewater Operator Curtis Kerr 653-3297
Water and Wastewater Operator Waid Isfeld 653-3297

Planning and Engineering

Engineer / Project Manager Brandon Jensen 653-5687

Municipal Enforcement

Community Peace Officer Shawn Lapointe 653-5045


Accountant Hakon Skoien Professional Inc.
Auditor  Mercer Wilde
Campground Operators Lee Valley Property Management
Museum Interpreters Cardston Historical Society
Cemetery Operator Doug Blackmore
Garbage Removal Darcy Boehmer
Permits and Inspection Services Park Enterprises Ltd.
Property Assessor Benchmark Assessments
Recycling Services Cardston Support Services
Transfer Station Operator Doug Blackmore