Confidential Bylaw Complaint

Complete this form to submit a confidential complaint to the Bylaw Officer.

All information collected about your identity will be kept strictly confidential. Your name or any details that could reveal your identity will not be shared with any individual until such a time if and when a charge is laid and the case is taken to court.

NOTE: Complainants will be contacted and required to provide their birth date to a Municipal Enforcement Officer before a file is opened and an investigation is conducted. Read the Municipal Enforcement FAQ for more details.

Please provide the location or address of the subject of your complaint if you know it.

Please provide exact time if applicable in the details section below. 

Provide in-depth details of your complaint. If you have pictures or recordings in relation to your complaint, please use the file upload field below to submit them.

If you have any supporting images or videos, use the File Upload to provide them to the Peace Officer.

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