Development & Planning

Development & Planning

Bylaw 1559 - West Cardston Area Structure Plan

Bylaw 1559A West Area Change

Bylaw 1559B Amendment ForWest Area A 2011

Bylaw 1559C West Area Structure Plan Remove Lane

Bylaw 1559D Cardston Area Structure Plan Amendment

Bylaw 1565 Intermunicipal Development Plan

Bylaw 1573 East Cardston Area Redevelopment Plan

Bylaw 1631 Municipal Development Plan

Bylaw 1647 Land Use Bylaw

Bylaw 1647A Land Use Bylaw Amendment Residential Accommodation In Conjunction With An Approved Commercial Or Industrial Use

Bylaw 1647B Land Use Bylaw Amendment Drive Thru Restaurant In C1

Bylaw 1647C Land Use Bylaw Amendment Cannabis Dispensaries

The Cardston Development Office can help you understand how each Bylaw applies to the development that you are wishing to complete. You can call or come in to the Office and the Development Officer will review your plans and help you through the process of applying for the permits or filling out any applications that you will require.  

Municipal Development Plan 1631

A Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a statutory plan that must be consistent with Provincial Land Use Policies; it is a long range planning tool that addresses the future land use, future development, transportation and other municipal services.  

Intermunicipal Development Plan 1565

An Intermunicipal Development Plan (IMDP) is another statutory plan used to control development and address planning issues between neighboring municipalities. IMDP’S promote coordination between municipalities in areas of joint interest. The Plan sets up rules for addressing land use concerns and creates the procedures for dealing with development within a defined area along the boundary of the municipalities. The Town of Cardston has an Intermunicipal Development Plan with Cardston County.

Land Use Bylaw 1647C

The Land Use Bylaw regulates the land uses and development within the Town limits. This Bylaw breaks the Town up into different zones that allow different types of development. (ex. Residential, Commercial, Industrial etc.). The Bylaw also has two different types of developments: permitted uses and discretionary uses. Permitted uses are the developments that are allowed in the zone. If the development fits the required setbacks from the property lines and other general rules, a Development Permit may be issued. The Discretionary Uses require an approval by the Subdivision and Development Authority prior to receiving a Permit. The Authority meets once a month to make decisions on discretionary uses.

West Cardston Area Structure Plan 1559DEast Cardston Area Redevelopment Plan 1573

Area Structure & Redevelopment plans are in place to design and regulate the development in a certain area in the Town limits. The purpose of these plans is to provide a framework for subdivision and development within the specified area that allows for the distribution and collection of utilities, drainage & traffic. The plans also provide some certainty to adjacent landowners and interested parties as to what the future development in the area will be.

Development Permits

A Development Permit is the first requirement that you will need to complete prior to starting any development within the Town of Cardston. You can apply for a development permit at the Town office, you will need to have a drawing of the development that you want to complete showing all the distances from property lines, all other structures, as well as the height and size of the project. If the development fits the regulations in the Land Use Bylaw and is a permitted use you can receive a Development Permit. Once you have a Development Permit you will need to get a Building Permit.

Building Permits

A Building permit is required prior to you starting any construction within the Town limits. It is obtained from Park Enterprises Ltd. in Lethbridge (the building inspectors that the Town contracts to oversee and inspect construction within the Town limits). To get a Building Permit you will need to have a Development Permit from the Town, two full sets of plans for the development which Park Enterprises will review and if they fit the building codes, they will give you a Building Permit.


The first step in doing a subdivision is to come into the Town office and speak to the Development Officer to see if the subdivision that you want to do complies with the Bylaws that are in place. The Development Officer will review your plans, and if they fit the Bylaws that are in place, you can get an application form that will need to be submitted to Oldman River Regional Service Commission (ORRSC). You will then need to contract a surveyor to have them draw the plot plan that is needed to complete the subdivision. Once you have all the necessary information, ORRSC will file the application, send letters out to the adjourning land owners, and a public meeting will be set for the Subdivision and Development Authority to review the application and make a decision. If the subdivision plan is approved and not appealed by anyone, ORRSC will file the final subdivision. After Alberta Land Titles accepts the final plan, your surveyor will set the new pins in the property lines and your subdivision will be completed.

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