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Cemetery information, including plot availability and information on interred individuals is available through our geographic information system (GIS). 

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Cemetery Costs

The Cardston Cemetery is located less than a kilometre west of Cardston along Highway 5. The cemetery includes a babyland, a field of honour for military or veterans, and an area for public single casket burials for members of all faiths. If you have any questions about policies or rules governing the cemetery, please call the Town Office and we will help you through any questions or concern you may have.

Rates Resident Non-Resident
Regular Grave Opening and Closing $450 $900
Baby Grave Opening and Closing in Regular Plot $275 $490
Baby Grave Opening and Closing in Babyland $0 $275
Cremation Opening and Closing $100 $200
Purchase of Regular Plot $250 $500
Purchase of Plot in Babyland $0 $250
Perpetual Care $450 $900
Permit Fee $25 $25


Headstone and Monument Regulations

If you wish to place a headstone or marker in the Cardston Cemetery, you first need to obtain a marker permit. You can call the Town Office to obtain a permit. The placement of headstones and monuments in the Cardston Cemetery must follow these rules and regulations:

  1. No headstone, monument or marker may be placed in the cemetery without the location being first marked by the Cemetery Caretaker and the appropriate fee ($25, no GST) being paid.
  2. All headstones, monuments and markers must set on or in a foundation which is level with the lawn and extends a minimum of four inches on each side from the headstone or any permanent vase.  The foundation must be a minimum of three and one half inches thick
  3. Maximum dimensions for a foundation are 48 inches by 28 inches for a single grave and 96 inches by 28 inches for a double grave.  Maximum height for any monument is 30 inches.
  4. Headstones must be placed within the plot or plots containing the graves they mark. Headstones are to be centred at the west or head end of the plot or plots.  When a double headstone is placed to mark graves one of which is unoccupied, the headstone should be placed, if possible, over the occupied grave, and centered after both graves are occupied.  This is not required where plots are 10 feet or more long.
  5. Headstones marking baby graves, cremation ashes, etc. must be lawn level unless they can be placed at the head (west) end of the plot.
  6. Headstones marking baby graves in Babyland must be set on a foundation which is lawn level and extends a minimum of four inches on each side from the headstone.  The foundation must be a minimum of three and on half inches thick.  The maximum dimensions for a foundation in Babyland are 26 inches by 18 inches.
  7. Maximum dimensions for a headstone placed on a baby grave in Babyland are 17 inches by 12 inches and the maximum height is 4 inches.
  8. Temporary markers supplied by the funeral home will be removed after 1 year from time of burial.
  9. If a headstone needs to be moved to prepare a plot for burial the family will pay an additional $50.00 to cover the work of moving the marker.