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Statement regarding Pole Haven and the Grazing Association

October 14 2021

This week there was a letter circulated around the Town regarding the Pole Haven Grazing Association. In this letter it states that the Grazing Association “have bullied Cardston Town and County Councils”. Speaking for the Town, this statement is not true. The Town Council has never entered into any negotiations, or even met with the Grazing Association. There has not been any “bullying” of the Town Council. While the Town Council is certainly an interested party in the use of these public lands, this is a matter outside of the Town Council’s jurisdiction. The Town respects the jurisdictions and deliberations going on between the County, Province and related stakeholders including the Grazing Association and other interested user groups.

With the election next week, please be cautious about voting, or not voting, for candidates based on the information in the distributed letter. The letter fails to explain that this matter is outside the jurisdiction of the Town Council, and it does not appear to accurately represent the position of all Town Mayor / Council candidates on this matter.

Finally, if anyone in Town has security camera or doorbell camera footage of who distributed this letter, the Town would be very interested in meeting with the author to clear up any misinformation.

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