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COVID-19 Update - May 22

May 22 2020


Dear citizens,

Here is my weekly update on the CoVid 19 local health issues and related items.

1.    Covid-19 Local situation:

As you may have noticed from the Alberta Health Services release, the number of cases in the Cardston County-Kainai area has increased significantly since last week. We had 10 confirmed cases a week ago, with 5 active cases; we now have a total of 22 confirmed cases with 16 active cases, 3 times more than last week. We are indeed very grateful for the 6 recoveries and wish all who are sick a prompt return to health.  The good news is that there are no losses of lives in our communities due to Covid-19.  Let us work together to keep it that way.

As we are entering the world of Phase 1 recovery measures, it is most important at this time to keep our guards up, as frustrating as it may be.  Continue practicing physical distancing and proper hand washing and sanitation.  Please follow Canada Chief medical officer’s guidelines to wear masks when you cannot avoid close contact, for your protection and the protection of others.  Together we can do our part and be successful moving forward in this New Normal Covid-19 World.

2.    Businesses reopening and shopping challenges

Merchants are trying their best to offer a pleasant shopping experience in this “New Normal” environment. They need our cooperation at this time. They put themselves at risk day after day. Let us be respectful, considerate and adhere to their guidelines and Alberta Health protocols.  When going shopping it is best to remember to follow simple rules such as avoiding touching all products before purchasing an item, remembering that returns may not be honoured at this time, and accepting reminders to respect physical distancing when moving in the aisles and when lining up to pay at the till. Use the sanitation station when available or bring your own wipes with you.  Expect delays and arm yourself with much patience! Remember to wash your hands when back home.

3.    Playgrounds

Alberta Health has released new guidelines for opening playgrounds. Alberta Health Services is placing the responsibility on parents/guardians to assume the responsibility and protect their children against potential Covid-19 contamination when using these structures.  We are looking to open the playgrounds by June 1. Please note that the Town does not have the resources to clean and disinfect the playground structures after each use.  Children and parents must assess the risk and ensure proper sanitation practices after using the playground structures. Please follow the signage that will be posted concerning social distancing and crowds. We ask you for your understanding and patience at this time.  Play safe!

4.    Campgrounds

Our campground is ready to accept campers on June 1, 2020.  The plan for re-opening has been approved as it follows the Alberta Health Services guidelines. We welcome this good news and wish our contractors well.

5.    Business support

If you are a business owner and need help with various problems regarding reopening, please refer to the Alberta website for detailed information. The Province has a web site to support reopening efforts and publish the guidelines. Search Alberta BizConnect and you should find the page.

6.    Safety/property crimes

Please secure all your belongings and property at all times. Keep your car locked, your garage door locked, your house doors locked, your garden gates locked, your sheds locked. Do not become an unintended victim of crime, report abnormal traffic in your neighbourhood to the RCMP. Register with the RCMP if you are going out of town for a period of time.  Ask for the pamphlet on protecting your property. It is available at the Town office. Stay safe!

7.    Public Works Week

As a Council we want to thank all our Public Works workers who are doing great work through the year to keep our Town in the best of shape. Your services are much appreciated!  All the best to you all as you prepare yourselves for another busy season in Town!

We will have Council Meeting this Tuesday, May 26. We will resume our meetings in Town Chambers, respecting physical distancing and surface cleaning and disinfecting.


It is always a pleasure to serve you.

Mayor Kronen


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