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COVID-19 Update - May 15

May 15 2020


Dear citizens,

1.    Update on the CoVid 19 and related items

As of Thursday evening, there are 10 confirmed cases in the Cardston County-Kanai area. The good news is that only  5 cases are active and 5 are now recovered.  As we enter the long awaited Phase One of our recovery, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for each of us to play our part by strictly following the protocols and policies in place under the advisement of Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services.  Please remain diligent, practice  physical distancing  and do not relax your hand washing and sanitation practices. We do not want to return to an economic and social shutdown. Thanks for all your efforts. They have kept us safe.

Many thanks for  the labor of love so many ladies are giving to sew very much needed masks. Over 500 have been distributed. They will allow relatives to visit their loved ones in  senior and long term care facilities in Cardston and on the Reserve.

Many thanks to Lily and Jae, owners of the Carriage Lane Market, who donated 500 surgical masks to the Town for use by Seniors who need to protect themselves to go out and ran errands or travel in a car to medical appointments with a member not of their household.  We will work out the details on distribution next week. Check the web site for more details.

We are grateful for the reopening of some types of businesses in Town as announced by Alberta Health Services. Closing their doors meant a great financial loss to all operators. They have given up a lot during this CoVid-19 economic shutdown. Let us now do our part to revive our local economy.  Thank you all, business owners, workers, patrons and clients

2.    Recreation and Town owned facilities

Lee Creek Campground.  Now that Campgrounds can start to operate once again, we have agreed with the managers of the facility to start the bookings on May 15 for June 1 occupancy. Our managers have submitted their detailed protocol for reopening to the Town . Upon approval, our campground will follow the strict rules given by AHS regarding occupancy, service deliveries and adhering to physical distancing.  Campers will need to be self contained as washing and bathroom facilities will remain closed.

Ball diamonds.  The use of the dugouts continues to be off limits, but the open field areas are available for families to play. Please be cautious to respect Alberta Health Services crowd restriction guidelines.

Swimming Pools, Tote lots, Playgrounds.  There is no reopening announced in Phase One due mainly to sanitation challenges on these facilities.

Golf Course. Golfers are pleased with the reopening of the course.  When entering  Phase 2, more services will be available and restrictions will be lifted as directed by Alberta Health Services. Right now, what we need to improve on is full compliance  by all golfers with the posted rules prescribed by AHS.  Our golf management team deserves respect and consideration  for all their hard work on this facility. Those who chose to not comply are simply making it unnecessarily hard for others. We want this facility open for the whole golfing community to enjoy.

Tennis Court: We are reopening the tennis courts today. All participants will need to ensure physical distancing and strong hand-washing practices following play. It would be wise to bring some hand sanitizer or wipes with you.

3.    Other municipal matters

Budget and Mill Rate. Council met this past Tuesday. The main part of the agenda was to approve the budget and to pass the Mill Rate By-Law.  You will see that we have tried very hard to keep your taxes in check.  Tax notices are being mailed as we speak. As you know, taxes are calculated by applying the Mill Rate to the assessment value of your property. If you do not agree with your assessment, please contact our municipal assessor, Mr. Morgan Strate, first, and if still not satisfy, contact the Town to start an appeal process.  Ms. Jill Heninger will be able to help you with taxation issues.

Borrowing By-Law. We also held a public hearing prior to passing the borrowing by-law in the amount of $450,000 towards a $615,000 capital project for the Sewer Outfall Line.  This project will be started within weeks and this will alleviate the large yearly expenses spent towards repairs on that line.

Graduation Congratulations. As the end of May  approaches and graduation ceremonies are cancelled,  we want to sincerely Congratulate all CHS 2020 Graduates for their efforts in completing their courses of study amidst a CoVid-19 pandemic.  We want to thank all the school faculty for bringing their students to the finish line. We wish the Class of 2020 graduates the very best in the future. No matter what, follow your dreams, work hard in such pursuit, enjoy life with family and friends and have hope for brighter days.


Please enjoy the May long weekend, but do so safely. It is always a pleasure to serve you all.

Mayor Kronen

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