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COVID-19 Update - June 12th

June 12 2020

Dear citizens,


Before, I start on the Covid-19 update, and as the Mayor of the Town of Cardston, I like to offer our heartfelt condolences, as we lost one of our Blood Tribe Community members to complications related to COVID-19.   I also want to offer our sincere condolences to the Spring Valley colony for the heart wrenching losses of three of their teenage girls in a canoe accident on the St Mary’s river. Our prayers are with all of the families at this tragic and difficult time.

Relaunch of Phase 2 in our community

This past Friday, the Premier of Alberta, Mr. Jason Kenney, announced the opening of Phase 2 effective today, June 12, a phase that affects many recreation facilities, programs and other group activities or social gatherings.

Let me be clear, that as we see with gladness the quick decline of active cases of Covid-19 in all parts of Alberta associated with a high rate of recovery, we cannot claim such good fortune in our health region. The Cardston County-Kanai district is now the hot spot in Alberta and at the top of the list of the Alberta Health Watch for Covid-19 outbreaks and community transmission.  Collectively in our health region that includes the Town of Cardston, the Cardston County and the Blood Reserve, it is truly not the time to relax our guards regarding social and physical distancing, hand washing and sanitation and mask wearing in spaces or situations when unable to be 6ft apart from each other. We ‘ve done very well up to now. We need to continue to be vigilant to stay healthy and safe.

Entering Phase 2, under Alberta Health Services guidelines does not mean that we are ready as a Town to reopen everything immediately! From an administrative, logistics and staffing perspective, it is going to require some time and patience on all our part. I know this is not what many would like to hear, but we need to courageously confront the confines of reality.

From a political perspective, Council needs to reconvene and collectively take a good look at the impact of Phase 2 on our various Town owned facilities and activities, and examine and analyze all issues through various lenses.  As much as we, as Council,  would like to satisfy the desires of all citizens and families in our Town, we, as Council  must also give some justified attention  to the overall cost  of the impact of the relaunch on our present budget and strike  a fiscal  balanced approach to the relaunch.

Yesterday, the  Emergency Coordination Committee for Covid-19 decided that an extraordinary meeting of Council was needed to be convened next Tuesday, June 16th  at 2pm to understand the impact of Phase 2 in our Town, and to make important decisions regarding a variety of Town Hall facilities, activities  and future  celebration events.

We will keep you posted and updated as soon as possible. We are aware of your concerns and desires. Please give us some time to work through the details of Phase 2 relaunch for our community and in the context of the Covid-19 reality for our Cardston County-Kainai region.  Together we need to move forward cautiously to stay safe and limit the impact of the outbreak in our joint communities.

Enjoy the good weather and the fresh air. Take full advantage of outdoor activities with your family and friends.

And to all our Graduates, give yourselves a pat in the back for a wonderful accomplishment!  To all the 2020 CHS Graduating class, we salute you and wish you all the best in the future.

 It is always a pleasure to serve you all!

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