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COVID-19: Return Missionaries And Snowbirds

March 23 2020

An excerpt from Premier Kennedy's March 23 address regarding snowbirds reentering the country: “…you must go directly and immediately to your home, without stopping […]”

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we are certainly faced with interesting and difficult times. While this is a worldwide problem, Cardston has some interesting and unique challenges that we all need to be aware and cautious of. We have arrived at a time in this event where traveling seniors (snowbirds) and LDS missionaries both young and old need to come home from their places of recreation or service. We have received, and will receive dozens of these people back into the community in a short period of time. These people have potentially been coming from high risk areas, and traveled through many airports and been on many flights. Many snowbirds will be driving from and through high risk areas as well. Alberta Heath recommends that anyone returning from out of the County self-isolates for 14 days.

I fully recognize that when these people get home, they want to see family, friends, and loved ones. If you are a family member of someone returning, or someone who simply must go and greet this person when they arrive, please be mindful that you are now potentially exposed to the COVID-19 virus and could also be contagious to others whom you contact daily through work, service, or errands. Alberta Health has not required those living with someone who is self-isolating to also be quarantined, but if you are one of these people, please be mindful of your potential of carrying the virus and passing it to others. Best practices such as enhanced hygiene and social distancing are the best tools we have to combat the spread at this time. For those of you returning from abroad, welcome home! We’ll all be happy to see you in two weeks!

Take care and be safe,

Jeff Shaw
Chief Administrative Officer
Director of Emergency Management

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