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Campground & Reunion Centre Management RFP

November 12 2021

Lee Creek Campground and Rotary Reunion Center Contract Management Information

This information is intended for individuals or contractors interested in putting forth a proposal for the operation of the Lee Creek Campground and Rotary Reunion Center. Proposals will be expected to consider the following criteria from the Town in the operation of this Town facility:

The contractor must provide services for and / or agree to:

  1. Provide a general marketing campaign and promote the campground and the Reunion Centre, including sharing of costs on mutually agreed promotional events or initiatives.
  2. Pay the Town for the costs of the toll free phone number which will be directed to the contractor;

  3. Use the Town provided software system (or approved equivalent) for point of sale and reservations;

  4. Provide an advanced booking as well as reception/messaging service 365 days a year with Visa and MasterCard capability;

  5. Collect overnight camping/rental fees (Campground and Reunion Centre) and submit such funds to the Town Office monthly, as well as submit reconciled monthly reports at each month end to the Town Office;

  6. That from May long weekend to after the Labour Day weekend in September provide readily available campground staff to assist guests at both the campground and Reunion Center 24 hours per day;

  7. Promote and educate visitors about events, attractions, and establishments in the area;

  8. Be responsible for the cleaning of the indoor facilities including the Campground Office, Washrooms, Showers, and Laundry facility, and at the Reunion Centre and the site picnic tables and any other cleaning duties as required;

  9. Manage the public use RV dump station and allow for both campers and the public to use this facility;

  10. Manage garbage and recycling in conjunction with the Town and Garbage Contractor;

  11. Report maintenance needs to the Parks and Recreation Foreman;

  12. Control site use to accommodate irrigation needs;

  13. Operate the irrigation system as required to maintain healthy lawn and trees;

  14. Provide his/her own vehicle(s) & equipment;

  15. Perform routine maintenance when required. i.e. repairing basic plumbing clogs, repairing picnic tables, etc;

  16. Provide cleaning supplies and equipment;

  17. Provide the tissue and paper towel for the washrooms;

  18. Mow and weed whip as required with own equipment (note that the Town staff mow the Reunion Center site due to the large area. Contractor is responsible to mow and whip the campground and immediate vicinity-fall leaf cleanup would be advised);

  19. Perform a thorough site and facility year end cleaning satisfactory to the Parks and Recreation Foreman;

  20. Furnish and maintain a policy of insurance in an amount satisfactory to the Town (minimum two million {2,000,000} dollars), to insure the Contractor against all claims and demands or action arising out of the obligations of the Contractor;

  21. Provide an annual clearance letter from the Workers Compensation Board;

  22. Comply with the current Health & Safety Program of the Town;

  23. That the Contractor will meet with the Parks and Recreation Foreman as mutually agreed to discuss concerns as needed from time to time.

Please submit your proposal addressing the above points along with your compensation expectations. Compensation may be in the form of a revenue share or fixed contract amount. The Town anticipates a contract length of 2 – 3 years whereby it can be extended as found mutually agreeable. Please specify your preference for contract term and justification for term length.

Due to the ongoing expansion of the campground with the intended addition of 17 new sites and a 3rd bathroom/office, the Contractor should provide a proposal for the existing amenities and include an addendum to encompass the future expansion. Currently there are 40 fully serviced RV sites, 7 partially services sites, 6 non serviced sites and 1 group tenting site.

If the Town has an opportunity to increase recreational activities and have them based out of the campground (ie. Disc golf disc rentals, ebike rentals etc), please consider these additional activities in your proposal as an addendum.

In calculating contract price please note that the past 5 year average revenue for the campground is around $110,000.

Questions regarding this document, submission of proposals, or any aspect of the campground management should be directed to:

Randy Russell

Parks & Recreation Foreman

Box 280

67 - 3rd Ave West

Cardston Alberta T0K 0K0

P: 403-330-8015

F: 403-653-2499


All submissions are due at the Town of Cardston office by December 3rd 2021 at 12:00 noon.

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