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Business of the Week - August 27th 2023

August 27 2023

Congratulations to this week's featured business, Hannah Paige!

Address: 811 Main St.
Phone: 587-220-0215

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Stopping time has always been a wish of mine. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to stop time completely, but I have figured out how to freeze snippets of time through photography.

Becoming a photographer has been a journey for me. It certainly did not happen overnight. We decided to get a “good” camera when we became parents. Thanks to the wonderful world of digital, I had hundreds and hundreds of photos of my new babies downloaded to my computer. And you know what?
Every single shot was awful!

That was my turning point. I started by really paying attention to what I was doing. With lots of practice, and lots of research, I’m now a professional photographer. I love watching and capturing people's emotions. I love creating and securing memories.

Thank you for taking a look around.

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