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COVID-19 Public Health Measures Update

March 9 2021

On March 1st the Province entered Step 2 of it's path forward towards eventually removing all health restrictions. While some restrictions have been eased in Step 2, it is important to remember that mandatory gathering restrictions are still in place, as are business and service restrictions. The restrictions that have been eased are as follows: 

Restrictions eased March 1:

  • Further easing of indoor fitness activities
  • Libraries

Restrictions eased March 8:

  • Banquet halls, community halls, conference centres and hotels
  • Collegiate sport and recreation activities
  • Further easing of performance activities
  • Retail

(see A Path Forward)

All other health restrictions are still in effect, including all social indoor gathering restrictions, and wearing a mask in all public indoor spaces and private businesses.  

All restrictions are mandated and enforced by Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services. The Town encourages everyone to abide by all mandatory health measures, and does not condone any activities or behaviour that contravene those restrictions.  

For a complete listing of all public health measures, please visit  the Province's website and review the resources provided below.

Stronger public health measures:

For businesses:

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