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COVID-19 Update - April 9

April 9 2020


Good afternoon everyone. I hope this message will find you all safe and healthy. Our heart and sincere condolences go out to all the families from our Town and surrounding communities who recently lost a loved one and who could not have traditional funeral services due to the Covid-19 isolation measures.  

Today I want to talk about a number of items. First, I wish to give you an update on the covid-19 response of the Town. At this point we do not have any reported cases of Covid-19 in Cardston, the County or the Blood Tribe. This is good. Please continue to follow all the rules of physical distancing, social isolation, and quarantine when applicable to keep you safe along with your family and your community.

 As you may know, the Town has activated its Emergency Coordination Centre, which means that we are taking a coordinated approach to reviewing and discussing our activities related to the pandemic. Our priorities as the Town include making sure residents have correct and important communication from all levels of government. We then have to focus on the key functions of the Town such as water treatment, wastewater treatment, fire fighting, and solid waste disposal. We need to make sure that we have plans in place should our workers and/or contractors fall ill. We are doing this by implementing measures for the staff to follow to stay safe, as well as meeting with out regional partners across southern Alberta to coordinate trained staff and other resources for these functions, where needed.

It is important to remember that in this pandemic, Alberta Health is the lead agency charged with providing direction, and we as the Town are there to support them in their effort.

We continue to meet and work jointly with the County and Blood Tribe on this issue, as it is vital that our approach is a community approach, not just something for one jurisdiction. The virus is no respecter of municipal boundaries!

Please continue to follow the guidance of the Province and Alberta Health. Our Premier and Chief Medical Officer are doing a good job of putting out regular communication.

We are getting questions about the status of seasonal facilities such as the golf course and campground. We will closely follow the direction from Alberta Health on these matters. If we are allowed to open, we will do so with strict controls to ensure safety of all participants. Please remember that all playgrounds and park equipment are currently closed. Please instruct your children to observe the signs and caution tape around these structures. We are not optimistic that the swimming pool will open this summer, but again, we will follow the direction of Alberta Health as this situation evolves.

We recognize that many are experiencing financial difficulty due to loss or shortage of work, or closure of a small business. For those of us who can help our neighbours and friends, please do so. Let us not forget our vulnerable population. There are programs such as the “Sharing the Love” sandwich program which need support to provide food for the needy. The Cardston – Kainai Food Fund, managed by the Town can always use donations as well. These donations can be made at the Town office. Tax receipts will be issued by the Town Office. You can also pay by electronic means from your home. Please call the Town office at 403-653-3366 to get those payment details.

I now want to address safety measures for our residents:

As the weather warms up, it is important that we are extra careful about locking and securing our vehicles and household items. Please watch out for suspicious behaviour on your streets, and call the RCMP if you see something unusual in your neighbourhood. The RCMP reminds us that Crimes of opportunity can be deterred by our increase vigilance.

In closing, i want to thank all our businesses who are open and serving the public in these difficult times. Thank you for all the efforts of your dedicated workers. We appreciate their invaluable services during this pandemic.

May you all enjoy this Easter holiday weekend. It will be different and memorable. Be safe and stay healthy.

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