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Town of Cardston ‐ Request for Information (RFI) Lee Creek Valley Golf Course Food Service Provider

June 4 2024

The Town of Cardston is seeking submissions from Food Service Providers (FSP) capable of entering into partnership with the Town of Cardston to provide casual dining or fast casual restaurant services to residents and visitors. Respondents of the RFI will be among those, who if suitable parties are found, will be invited to move forward to more formal Request for Proposal (RFP) stage.


The Town of Cardston is currently serviced by several fast‐food providers, with three major franchises moving in over the last five years. However, options for casual or fast casual dining are limited. The Town owns and operates the Lee Creek Valley Golf Course, renowned for its terrific mountain views and challenging play. The course will soon be home to a new clubhouse, accommodating space for a licensed restaurant. The Town is open to working with FSP’s to determine design and operational details of the restaurant portion of the building. These details may include kitchen and dining room size, operating hours, parking, etc. This may also include long term partnerships accommodated by long term capital investment or leaseholder improvements by the FSP.

There are no obligations by the Town to any other levels of government (aside from the usual regulatory agencies) concerning the development of a project of this nature.


The Town is guided by the following values in determining a potential business partner:

  1. The Town values partnership: Designing and operating a restaurant is not a core business competency of the Town. We value what a partner brings to the table in helping the Town navigate this service and sector. The Town also agrees and supports the idea that the partner needs to have sustainable return on investment on any capital outlay and operational expenses.
  2. The Town values equity: As a partner with the FSP, the Town expects that there is an equity position in the long‐term lease arrangement that provides a satisfactory return for both parties.
  3. The Town values sustainability: As a local government, the Town values the notion that the business partnership is financially sustainable. This means that the deliverable is a benefit, not a burden, to the residents as taxpayers. This also means the deliverable can be enjoyed by residents and visitors over the long‐term. As such, the successful partner for the Town will consider how the deliverable can be refreshed and renewed over time.
  4. The Town values transparency: The Town seeks a partner who is confident, following proper due diligence, of the business forecasting and model. The Town has little interest in a “wait and see” approach to business longevity and performance.

The Information Request:

The Town requests the following information from the Proponent (not in any particular priority order):

  1. The Proponent’s approach to supporting the values described above:
    1. Partnership
    2. Equity
    3. Sustainability
    4. Transparency
  2. General idea of restaurant concepts which will maximize sustainability at this location, including general concepts regarding the level of service, pricing, and hours of operation;
  3. Details of design elements which are preferred in successful restaurant operations.
  4. An opinion from the FSP of potential capital investment or leaseholder improvement into the facility in exchange for a long term lease or similar arrangement.
  5. Examples of similar public/private partnerships including equity share, governance models, and financial models. No confidential information from other partnerships is requested;

The Town is not seeking formal studies or financial models specific to the Town of Cardston. This information request is intended to determine potential partnerships, with logistics to be dealt with at a future date.

Attached with this proposal is the latest design concept for the clubhouse and restaurant facility. No construction drawings including electrical or mechanical have been completed at this stage.


Please provide the Town of Cardston with a document which satisfies the items listed above. The response is preferably no longer than 20 pages in length including appendices or schedules.

Clearly identify the primary contact for the proponent with all relevant contact information to engage with any follow up questions or possible interviews to support the information request. The Town holds the ability, at its discretion, to interview, follow up, or select proponents for future deliberations without any liability to other parties for costs or expenses required to provide this request for information package.

Information packages may be submitted in person, via fax, mail or email to:

Jeff Shaw
Town Manager
Town of Cardston

Mail: Box 280, Cardston Alberta T0K 0K0
In‐person: 67, 3rd Avenue West, Cardston
Fax: 403‐653‐2499

Any questions should be directed to Jeff Shaw by phone or email at:
P: 403‐653‐3366
Information packages will be accepted until 12:00 noon on the 28th day of June, 2024

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