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Business of the Week - April 14th 2024

April 14 2024

Congratulations to this week's featured business, Beyond Curves!

Address: 222 - 1 St. W.
Phone: 403-512-6119

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Massage Therapist. We are dedicated to Supporting, Uplifting, and Enhancing our Community through Educating our clients on Health and Wellness. We have tools such as Massage Therapy, Emotional Healing, Stone and Hydrotherapy, Color Therapy, Music Therapy, Herbology, Aromatherapy, Applied Kinesiology, and more. We also Customize Special Herbs, Oils, and Mineral Blends throughout our Aesthetic Services as well, such as Facials, Scalp Treatments, Body Wraps, Body Scrubs, and Pedicures.

Healers at Beyond Curves are not your traditional coaches or counselors. With combined techniques of psychology and coaching formulate and customize different ways to help you reconnect, regenerate, and retrain your brain.

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