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Business of the Week - February 11th 2024

February 11 2024

Congratulations to this week's featured business, Lariat Cross Trading Post!

Address: 227 Main St.
Phone: 403-659-4446

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The idea of Lariat Cross came from a book called, "Lariat Cross", by H. Kelvin Jensen, copyright 2007. Natives used to use a lariat to pull loads across rivers and streams when the camp was on the move. It was a way of helping your neighbor across a sometimes treacherous and life-threatening situation.  

The bartering system has been around for a long time. When money was short people would trade what they made or grew to help bring in much-needed funding or a credit line. It's not like having to qualify for a loan at the Bank or Credit Union, all that is needed is a will and something to trade. 
For hundreds of years, Native peoples have bartered and traded with one another and with Traders who could bring them goods not readily available to them. Trading Posts were an outgrowth of the trading system between Natives and the white man.
The Navajo's were very industrious and would make wool blankets, rugs, sand paintings, turquoise jewelry and sell their livestock, sheep predominantly, "Debah". The Hopi's would make Kachina Dolls and Pottery fingurines to barter and trade with. Northern Tribes like the Blackfeet would trap and trade the pelts for cash.
Today the system carries on just in a different format... 

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