Council Letter to Citizens of Cardston

Dear Cardston Citizens,

I hope you are enjoying the spring-like weather we are experiencing right now. If we do get more snow, you can find the snow removal priority map on the town’s website.

The Mayor and Council enjoy working together and we appreciate:

•    Our administration and town employees;
•    Citizens who volunteer on committees;
•    Citizens who help their neighbours with snow removal or other things;
•    Citizens who are vigilant and alert the town to things requiring attention;
•    Citizens on Patrol as well as our local RCMP staff;
•    Our local theatre groups, and we congratulate the Carriage House Theatre on their recent production;
•    Actually, all businesses, organizations, and individuals who help to make Cardston a great place to live.

Things council have been giving attention to lately include:

•    Strategic planning, which includes a lot of things;
•    Updated land use bylaw; passed two readings and public hearing;
•    Approval of the 2016 budget; setting of mil rate and assessments will be in May;
•    Maintaining town electrical department, hiring a new lineman;
•    Garbage reduction and increased recycling;
•    Policing in the community and keeping the town safe;
•    Many more things that I don’t have room to address in this limited space.

Feel free to contact us or the office staff if you have any questions, or if you would like to serve on any of the town committees or boards.

There are many fun, interesting, entertaining, and educational things in the planning for the coming year. We hope you will be a part of it.

Be safe, be happy,

Deputy Mayor Bill Creed