Snow Removal Information

The first heavy snowfall of winter has fallen, and the Town of Cardston wishes to remind it’s citizens about it’s policies and bylaws concerning snow removal. Snow and ice on sidewalks is a very serious hazard for many of our citizens, so it is important that we have the public's cooperation with keeping our streets and sidewalks clear.


The streets are plowed on a priority schedule, priority 1 routes are plowed first, then priority 2, etc. Priority 1 routes include Emergency and essential service routes, Main Street, stoplight intersections, hills, and other trouble spots, refer to the snow removal priority schedule to view all priority routes. The Town of Cardston does its best to ensure that all roads are cleared within a timely manner if the snow is of significant depth and projected to remain on the roads.

Please do not park on the street during heavy snowfall or when the roads are being cleared. If your road is plowed while a vehicle is on the street, the plow will simply go around the vehicle and the operator of the vehicle will then be responsible for clearing that section of street which was missed.

Please also keep the road clear of all other items, such as basketball hoops, hockey nets, and curb ramps, as these are also obstacles the snow plow must go around. Basketball hoops and hockey nets should never be left on the road, as these also interfere with garbage pickup.

Sidewalks and Driveways

Snow must be removed from sidewalks within 24hrs after a snowfall has stopped.

Snow cannot be cleared from a sidewalk or driveway onto the road, please shovel your snow onto your own property.

Complaints about snow covered or slippery sidewalks or streets can be made to the town office 24hrs after a snowfall has stopped. We thank all our citizens in advance for being considerate of their neighbours and helping to keep our streets and sidewalks as safe as possible.