New Pavement 2019

UPDATE: 2019-09-03
Due to an unexpected delay, the paving in Town is being postponed for one week. Paving will commence the week of September 9th.

Beginning Tuesday, September 3rd, immediately following the long weekend, paving crews will be in Cardston to lay new pavement in multiple areas around town. Paving will be ongoing until Friday, September 13th.

Please obey all barricades and signage throughout the paving a curing processes. The paving process is not complete until the seal coats have been given adequate time to fully cure, which takes a minimum of 24 hours. The longevity of the pavement depends on receiving an adequate curing period. Driving on the seal coat will cause damage to both the road and your vehicle. The barricades will remain up, and the roads will remain closed until the roads are ready to be driven on. While it should go without saying, please do not drive on roads that are marked as "closed" until all barricades are removed.

The Town thanks everyone in advance for their patience and cooperation.

9th Avenue West Road Closed For Repairs

On Monday, August 19th, Volker Stevin will be doing repair work to 9th Avenue West that will require the road to be closed. The repairs will be from the bridge to 12th Street West, but 7th Street West will remain open to access Fairway Blvd and the Golf Course. The road will be closed until the first phase of work is complete, which may take a few days. Please avoid the area and plan an alternate route.

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