Lost or Stolen Bikes

Stealing a bike is more often than not, a crime of opportunity. Leaving your bike unattended and unlocked makes it easy for a potential thief to hop on and make a quick getaway. Often the bikes are only taken for a short period of time, and left abandoned in a park or on the side of a road.

It is important to always ensure you carry a lock with you wherever you go with your bike. Bike locks are an effective deterrent for opportunistic thieves, because they transform a crime of opportunity into a risky theft. Opportunistic thieves choose targets that offer a high reward with little effort and risk.  Stealing an unlocked and unattended bike presents very little risk to a thief, they can easily mount it and ride away without anyone giving them much notice. If a bike is locked however, even with a light cable and small lock, then it requires special tools to cut the bike free, which makes the crime far more obvious, and can attract attention. A thief is much more likely to be identified if they risk stealing a bike that is locked up.

The Town has already received a number of bicycles this year that have been found laying around the community. When a found bike is turned into the Town, the Community Peace Officer fills out a found bike report which is submitted to the RCMP in anticipation of the owner calling in to report the bike lost or stolen. When a found bike is left unclaimed for over 60 days, it is donated to the Cardston & District Handicap Association for them to sell and keep all proceeds from the sale.

The Community Peace Officer is facilitating a voluntary bike registry to help alleviate thefts. Residents who wish to have their bikes registered with the town may fill out a bicycle registration form, this will provide us with the information we need to help us identify any bikes which may be found and reported to the town.