Municipal Census Results

2018 Population of Cardston: 3,909

From June 18th to June 30th, 2018 the Town of Cardston conducted a municipal census using both online and traditional means with enumerators going door to door. The intent of the municipal census was to either confirm the federal census or to see if there were more people in the community than the federal census indicated. The census numbers have now been confirmed, and it has been determined that the population in Cardston is 3,909 people, which is 324 more people than the federal census indicated (3,585). These numbers are important for planning and marketing purposes, but also impact the amount of grant transfers from the Provincial and Federal Government that the Town gets. Larger populations receive more funding for roads, utilities, social programs, recreational programs and other Town services. With a larger confirmed population, the Town will now be eligible for greater transfers.

The Town thanks everyone for participating in the census, it is encouraging to see population growth in our community, and we hope the community continues to grow.