Request for Proposals: Inter-municipal Collaboration Framework Facilitator

The Town of Cardston, Town of Magrath and Cardston County wish to prepare an Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) as per the requirement of the Municipal Government Act.  The Town of Cardston and Magrath are urban municipalities within Cardston County. Each Town must separately create an ICF with Cardston County. Cardston and Magrath are not obligated to create an ICF with one another, and any cooperation between the two Towns on service delivery will be outside of the scope of this proposal. The three municipalities are looking for a contractor to act in the role of facilitator for the ICF creation process. It is expected that the contractor will have familiarity with the ICF requirement and the proper processes for creating such. The contractor will work with the elected Councils and Senior Administrative staff of the respective municipalities to facilitate the process. The goal of the exercise is consensus between the parties. Implementation of the ICF details is not within the scope of this proposal.

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