Enforcement Initiative and Focus Calendar

Cardston Municipal Enforcement


Enforcement Initiative and Focus Calendar

As summer winds to a close for 2018, Cardston Municipal Enforcement would like to educate the public on the enforcement initiatives and focus areas for the remainder of the year. We are going to put focus on certain area’s and types of enforcement throughout the coming months and will be working closely with other enforcement agencies throughout the area to provide a high level of service to the citizens are Cardston.


Municipal Enforcement will be putting extra focus on school zone safety throughout the Town. The Peace Officer will be conducting morning and afternoon proactive patrols within all of the School Zones throughout the town, with heavy focus on pedestrian safety. This enforcement initiative will put speed, intersection and parking offences at the forefront of enforcement action.


Throughout the month of October, the Cardston Peace Officer will follow the 2018 Alberta Traffic Safety calendar with enforcement. This means the Peace Officer will be actively looking for pedestrian safety, much the same as throughout September. Municipal Enforcement will also be proactively be involved in nuisance wildlife and animal control throughout the month of October.

In the days leading up to Halloween, feel free to flag down the town Peace Officer or Bylaw Officer, as Municipal Enforcement will be handing out goodie bags, full of things to keep he little ghosts and goblins safe on the 31st.


As November begins it is safe to assume that the ground will at some point or another have snow on it, and this is where Municipal Enforcement will be putting focus. Officers will be proactively patrolling through residential and commercial areas, and will be paying close attention to those areas where snow or ice has not been removed from a sidewalk. The Peace Officer will also be proactively focusing on safe winter driving, meaning the officer will be putting focus into intersection safety and occupant safety restraints.


As the year winds to a close, Municipal Enforcement would like to wish all citizens happy holidays and a very happy 2019. Officers will continue focus on winter driving safety throughout December, but will also be working closely with the RCMP, putting focus into joint enforcement “Check-Stops” and impaired driving. We will also be putting a focus into animal control and pet licensing for 2019.