Sewer Main Flushing



June 10-14th

Contractors are hired to flush all of the sewer mains in Town on a rotating basis to ensure that they remain clear of obstructions and that they are operating properly. Our contractor will be flushing the mains in the Southern portions of Town beginning this week. Flushing mains should cause no large issues for anyone, but it does have the potential to cause bubbling in toilets and it can drain the water out of the p-traps in your sink, shower, and floor drains. Some residents may hear a sucking sound coming from their drains.

Residents are advised to keep all toilet lids closed as a precaution, especially if you do not have a backflow preventers installed on your sewer line. If you notice an unpleasant smell in your house, it is likely because your p-trap has been drained. The simple remedy to eliminate the smell is to pour some water down the drain and refill the trap. Simply flushing your toilet will often be sufficient to refill a p-trap. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Town Office at 653-3366.