Letter to Citizens

The New Year is well on its way and Council has been busy with some specific items of business which will be elaborated upon in this letter.

Kudos: To All Cougars Basket Ball Teams for their outstanding performances. Thanks to all coaches who work so diligently with the youth, helping them develop sportsmanship, stronger skills and a sense of team work!

Kudos: To Jeremy and Sarah Prete for opening their Epic Youth Services. It will go a long way to help your youth find useful activities after school in a beautiful, purposeful and caring environment. The Town will be better for it! Thank you again!

Thank You: To our Peace Officers who planned the Jan 2018 open house to inform the public on their mandate and on the importance of respecting the laws of the land.

Reminder: Please make sure you have a current Driver Licence, vehicle registration, and valid insurance when you are driving, and carefully observe the speed zones around schools and parks.

Thank You: To the RCMP for their Repeat Offender Remediation Initiative. It has born some very good results this past quarter. Property offenses are significantly down for our Town. The RCMP continues to speak of too many avoidable crimes of opportunity in our town. Please secure your belongings, your properties and do not leave valuable in your vehicles with doors unlocked and keys in the ignition.

Thank you: Town of Cardston Public Works for their great work in the frigid conditions clearing to snow from our roads.

Thank you: To the Black Sand Management Group for their strong contribution to the Town and the Golfing Community for these past 7 years!

Council Matters:

·         Council has reviewed the complex infrastructure Town Master Plan and were debriefed as to how the tentative list of priorities was established for the next 25 years.

·         Council met with MP Glen Motz to discuss initiatives to address solutions to our transient traffic in the downtown core. This will take time. New ideas are being explored.

·         Council met with MLA Grant Hunter to explore list of future needed infrastructure projects as the Government starts their new budget rounds.

·         Council received a list of new start-up of construction in Town. 2017 was certainly a better year for residential and industrial/commercial start-ups, a good sign for the Town as it will generate new tax revenue.

·         The Town has budgeted for the completion of Phase 3 of the Swimming Pool. All is on track to see the completion of the building by the end of March and a future ribbon cutting ceremony at the opening of the swimming session. The building will be up to code with upgraded changing rooms, new family change rooms, and more space for various activities.

·         Due to the Black Sands Management group choosing to terminate their contract on Dec 31, 2017, a request for proposals was issued by the Town for the management of the Golf Course for 2018 and years to come. After careful analysis of the bids received and further due diligence, Council felt that the Windmill Group were the best candidates for the job. They have signed a 10 months contract with the Town to operate the Golf Course.

The points that weighed in Council’s decisions were: Aggressive and professional marketing of the Golf Course; upgrades to the Club House; economy of scales (purchase of equipment, inventory, consumables); professional know how; capacity to analyze past financials and steps to be taken to improve productivity; in-house engineering advisory abilities regarding Holes 16 and 17; desire to work with the Town based on Council’s principles of transparency; reporting and accountability; hiring of locals to work on the Course and at the Club House.

For more information, please refer to the Town’s letter posted on the Town’s Website.

·         Five Council members attended the Brownlee Seminar in Calgary regarding Municipal Affairs. It is always a good session to garner information and sharpen our minds.


Future Events:

·         The Pow Wow Committee has met and this year Pow Wow will take place on Heritage Week. We are grateful to Mr. David Innes, Councillor Marcel Weasel Head and Mr. Dexter Bruised Head for their efficient work on the Committee. This event is based on equal funding from Town and Blood Tribe and through the generous donations of businesses from Town and the Reserve. Please put it on your calendar and invite your friends and family!

It is always a pleasure to serve you all. We cannot please all, but we will always try to represent the collective will of our citizens.