Cannabis Prohibition in Cardston

Cardston Cannabis Control Bylaw

On Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 cannabis will be decriminalized federally in Canada. Decriminalization however does not mean that it will be legal to consume without restrictions. The federal government has left it to the provinces to develop their own legislation regarding the consumption of cannabis. As a result, the laws surrounding legal consumption differ from province to province, as well as from municipality to municipality. The onus is on the user to know the rules surrounding the consumption of cannabis wherever they are.

“No person shall smoke, vape, or consume cannabis in any public place.” — Section 5: Prohibition, Cardston Bylaw 1673

Many municipalities in Alberta have taken a stance of blanket prohibition on the public consumption of cannabis. This is the approach cities like Calgary and Okotoks have taken. Cardston has drafted a similar bylaw prohibiting the public consumption of cannabis, which essentially means that cannabis cannot be consumed anywhere in Cardston except in the privacy of the homes of those who wish to consume. You can read a copy of the bylaw here.

The fine for a first offence for consumption of cannabis in public will be $250.00. Subsequent offences will be $500.00. These fines also apply to those who consume on their private property, but in such a way that can disturb the peace, or cause an unrest to adjacent properties, such as consuming in their backyard where the odours can carry over to their neighbours yards (Section 8: Nuissances, Cardston Bylaw 1673).

For more information on cannabis consumption in Alberta, visit the Government of Alberta website: Alberta Cannabis Framework and legislation.