Cardston-Kainai Food Fund

The Town of Cardston is starting a food initiative to help support the shelter at Moses Lake. 

Many members of the community help out those in need in many ways. However, while some community members provide aid to those panhandling in town, this propagates a behaviour that some community members find somewhat intimidating and awkward. It is also embarrassing for those who need help to have to approach total strangers and ask for such food or money.

The Moses Lake Shelter and Soup Kitchen can provide food, laundry facilities and shelter to those needing it, but like charitable institutions everywhere; it occasionally runs short of resources.

The Cardston-Kainai Food Fund has been established to help those in need, particularly the homeless. It also provides an avenue for those who wish to help others, but feel intimidated or awkward by direct approaches from people on the street.  The fund will be carefully controlled to ensure that proceeds go to help the hungry and homeless, relieving them of the need to ask for handouts on the street.

Chamber of Commerce members have pledged  support for this initiative, and community members can donate at the Town Office, or online at the Town website;

We encourage all who feel a need to help others to contribute to the fund, and to refrain from giving handouts on the street. Many times these handouts do not help with hunger issues; they also bring those soliciting handouts in breach of the Public Safety Bylaw.