2017 Season Pool Passes

The Town of Cardston Swimming Pool has developed a new pool membership management system to keep track of season pass membership and track usage at the pool. Patrons who purchase season pool passes will be issued a laminated photo-ID with a unique barcode to be scanned each time they visit the pool. Families will receive a pool pass for each member in their family, but may only be required to scan one family member's pass per visit if they arrive as a group.

As is the case at most other pools, patrons will be required to bring their season passes each time they visit the pool and check-in at the front desk by having their pass scanned with a barcode scanner. 

Beginning May 1st, 2017, pool staff will be at the pool during normal business hours to sell season passes before the pool opens after May long weekend. Patrons may pre-register for a season swim pass by clicking on the link for the form below, or by picking up a paper form at the Town office or the pool and delivering it to the pool so staff can enter in your information as time permits, opposed to requiring you to wait in a line-up. Photos will be taken at the time the pass is purchased, or when a patron visits the pool for the first time in the season.

The staff is excited for the pool to open after the May long weekend, and looks forward to another fun and exciting summer. 

Each Pool Pass will have a unique barcode, and a photo of the pass holder.

Each Pool Pass will have a unique barcode, and a photo of the pass holder.

Click the Button below to pre-register: