Snow Removal

Heavy snowfall ahead of strong warm winds creates potential for large solid drifts.

The winter storm that moved through Cardston has left behind almost a half a metre of light fluffy snow. Town crews have been working since the middle of the night clearing the streets, but the sheer volume of snow is slowing the process as the trucks are filling up quickly, requiring more trips to dump it. They will continue to work on the priority schedule, and should be able to make good progress now that the snow has stopped.

The sky is blue and the air is calm at the time of this posting, but the concern in the short term forecast is now wind and warm weather. The snow on the ground is light and easy to move right now, but in a couple of days the temperatures are projected to rise and the winds are going to pick up. Wind drifts are expected to form later in the week, and when the wind is blowing it means that Town crews may be dedicating all of their time to keeping the priority 1 routes clear. Until the higher priority routes are clear, they cannot move on to the lower priority routes. If the wind keeps replacing the snow onto the higher priority routes, then Town crews have to keep removing it over and over, and residents will have to be patient waiting for their neighbourhood streets to be plowed. 

Click here to see the priority route schedule.

Wind blown snow is a concern for sidewalks too, especially with the combination of melting during the day and freezing during the night. Snow covered sidewalks will quickly turn to ice, so please be diligent in keeping the sidewalks adjacent to your properties free of snow. It's easier to shovel the snow away as it's being laid down than it will be to remove a frozen glacier that's bee walked over and packed a few days later.