Bus Parking in Residential Areas

Several complaints have been received regarding the parking of School Buses in residential areas. This has been an ongoing issue so it is prudent that affected residents be made familiar with the bylaws concerning parked buses in Town.

Under Town of Cardston Bylaw #1618: the Traffic Safety Bylaw, parking a school bus in front of any property other than one owned or occupied by the operator of the school bus in question is prohibited. The operator of a school bus must park on or in front of their own property:

Bylaw 1618 Sub-section 5.17 & 5.18:   

5.17.     No Commercial, Farm, or Public Motor Vehicle shall be parked on any of the streets of the Town of Cardston in the residential areas, except in the conducting of it's normal business.
5.18.    Further that operation of Commercial, Farm, School Vans, Recreational Vehicles and Public Motor Vehicles, when parking in the residential area, shall park their vehicle in front of their own property and not in front of a disinterested party, or in front of the property receiving the services from said vehicle.

Where “School Van” is defined in the same bylaw as any van, bus or vehicle properly marked and used to transport students to and/or from school or school activities.

Please be courteous of your neighbours and do not park your bus in front of their property unless you have their express permission to do so. The onus is on the bus driver to prove they have such permission if a complaint is made.

Complaints about school buses parked in residential areas can be directed to the Community Peace Officer (403-382-8614).