Letter From the Mayor

Open Letter to citizens-Dec 19, 2017

Council Business has kept us busy these past couple months. Last Tuesday was our last meeting for the year and we will reconvene the second Tuesday in January to resume our regular routine.

Kudos: To Cammi Bevans who with the help of office staff organized a memorable Remembrance Day. Thank you to you all for your presence. We appreciate the feedback we continue to receive for the display of our fallen heroes.

Kudos: To Heather Jaques and her devoted group for their Festival of Lights and all related activities. Many thanks to the Remington Carriage Museum for their collaboration, and to all the volunteers and donors who made this event a splendid display for the Holiday Season.

Kudos: To the Electrical Department for their help with the Festival of Lights and for decorating our town in time for Christmas.

Kudos: To all the School Choirs, the Cantrice Women Choir and the Rotary Club for ushering the Christmas Season with music in various venues through town.

Thank you: To you all for showing support and appreciation at these town events.

Kudos: To all our employees for another year with a strong safety record and for the Department Managers for enforcing safety procedures with their staff.

Kudos: To the Chamber of Commerce, the Businesses in town and the home owners who beautified our Town with their decorative displays!

Thank you: To you all for your great attendance at our Community Awareness Night and for taking the time to become acquainted with our new members of council. Well done! A year ago the Axia initiative was started in our town. Your efforts were not in vain. Keep posted.

Thank You: To our Municipal Enforcement Officers who are seeking to inform the public on the importance of respecting the laws of the land. Some may be frustrated with their initiatives and sometimes with fines, but being good and law abiding citizens is expected of us all.

As a reminder, our Peace Officer’s powers are to enforce our Town By-Laws and Provincial Statutory Laws including traffic violations. We asked our officer to allow for a transition period of leniency; however this is soon coming to an end. Education will continue to be part of our Officer’s duties. Please make sure you have a valid Driver’s Licence, current registration, and a valid insurance when you are driving, and carefully observe the speed zones around schools and parks.

Parents, continue to spend time with your driving teenagers reviewing basic safety rules with them. Their safety and yours matters to us.

Council Matters:

  • Council received important and timely training at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Conference in Calgary. All of Council were in attendance.
  • Council has taken a full day to develop a new Strategic Plan which will be communicated to you in the New Year. Out of that planning session came a large amount of resolutions which will move the work of Council forward. Many thanks to our administration for preparing that all background for our strong working and focused planning session.
  • Council has passed a 2018 operational and 2018 capital expenditures budget. In addition, Council has approved, in principle, an operational budget for 2019 and 2020 as well as projected capital budgets for 2019 to 2022. Changes may occur regarding our 2018 budget once we receive our notice of assessments, review our needs and set the mill rate that will determine our taxes. Right now we are cautiously optimistic!
  • Council is pleased with the progress on Phase 3 of the Swimming Pool Building although disappointed with not obtaining the grant we hoped for to complete the work.
  • Council has approved in principle the Rotary’s spray park proposal, but it will have to fit in a later budget cycle to not conflict with the funding of the last phase of pool renovations.

The year is soon coming to an end, festive preparations are on their way and for many family gatherings the home will be filled with joy and laughter. As we contemplated our blessings may we pause a moment and remember our Cardston families that have been sorely affected with illness and the passing of their loved ones and those who are less well off than we are.

Take the opportunity to Light the World and to help the poor among us. Contribute to the Town’s Food Fund initiative if you are seeking to help the hungry. And thank you for all the good you do for your community.

It is always a pleasure to chat with you. On behalf of your Town Council, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mayor Kronen