Clearing Snow Onto The Road

The most recent snowfalls have left quite a few Cardston resident's buried in heavy snow drifts, and once again it is prudent for the Town to remind everyone, that when you are clearing snow from your sidewalk or driveway, it is illegal to throw the snow onto the road. 

Depositing snow out onto the roads can obstruct traffic, and creates a greater hazard for drivers. Under Section 43 of the Public Highways Development Act, any one who obstructs the road with any material such as snow or ice is guilty of an offence. Snow that is removed from driveways and sidewalks must be deposited in the yard or boulevard adjacent to the driveway or sidewalk it is being removed from. It cannot be thrown or blown into the street.

In addition to the Provincial Statutes, Town of Cardston Bylaw #1595 also prohibits throwing snow onto the road, and offenders can receive a fine for each day their snow remains on the road. This fine may be in addition the the potential $200.00 fine the province charges for first offenders, and $500.00 for every subsequent offence.

Please be courteous to your neighbours, and clear all snow that you clear from your driveways and sidewalks back into your yard. Thank you.

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