2016 Citizens of the Year

We are excited to announce this years Citizens of the Year!

With Tate Sommerfeldt as our Young Citizen of the Year, Jeremy Prete as our Citizen of the Year and Howard Snyder as our Lifetime Citizen of the Year we celebrate the many volunteer hours spent by these three awardees. 

The nominees are judged based on a number of criteria including club service, music, drama, recreation, service to senior citizens and any other service worthy of recognition. 
The purpose of these awards is to recognize the significant accomplishments of youth and adults in the past year, and the lasting contributions to our community by long-time residents. 

Citizen of the Year

Jeremy Prete with Mayor Maggie Kronen

Jeremy Prete with Mayor Maggie Kronen

Jeremy Prete

Jeremy Prete exemplifies service. He is the President of Citizens on Patrol and has been a member for three years, volunteering innumerable hours either driving or walking around town looking for suspicious behaviour, removing graffiti from buildings and doing home checks for people on holidays. 

Jeremy works hand in hand with the RCMP and tries to bridge the gap between the police and citizens, he helped form the Cardston Victim Services Association and was elected President.  

Jeremy coaches multiple sports throughout the year, and is heavily involved in his church group and their many service projects in Cardston. 

Jeremy consistently goes above and beyond and it is because of his ongoing service that we recognize him as Cardston’s Citizen of the Year.

Congratulations Jeremy!

Lifetime Citizen Achievement Award

Howard Snyder with Mayor Maggie Kronen

Howard Snyder with Mayor Maggie Kronen

Howard Snyder

Howard Snyder is the manager of the Remington Carriage Museum, however he regularly goes beyond the scope of his duties to serve the community of Cardston and district. He worked with Don Remington for ten years and wrote the script for the documentary Pride of Carriage Lane.
Howard routinely shows films in the Museum free of charge to the public, and opens up the exhibits of the museum to seniors so that they can walk and exercise regardless of the outside weather.

This year we celebrate Howard Snyder being involved with the Remington Carriage Museum for thirty years and we are also proud to celebrate him as Cardston’s Lifetime Citizen of the Year.

Congratulations Howard!

Young Citizen of the Year

Tate Sommerfeldt with Mayor Maggie Kronen

Tate Sommerfeldt with Mayor Maggie Kronen

Tate Sommerfeldt

Tate Sommerfeldt is recognized for his extensive volunteerism, shoveling driveways for elderly neighbors, participating in the highway clean-up year after year, assisting with dance, gymnastics and the Jr. High play. 

Where the true scope of his exemplary character can be seen however, is at the Carriage House Theatre. Tate spends countless hours volunteering there, setting up sets, cleaning and being involved in productions.

He is the kind of youth who delights in helping others and because of this has been recognized as Cardston’s Young Citizen of the Year.

Congratulations Tate!