Highway Cleanup Postponed

Due to the Alberta declaration of State of Emergency in the Fort McMurray area, first responders have been deployed to that area including Alberta Transportation Staff and Highway Maintenance Contractor staff. In the interest of safety, provincially the Highway Clean Up campaign has been postponed with a TENTATIVE date of May 14th.

The Town contacted Moh Ashraf with Alberta Transportation and confirmed that Highway Cleanup had been postponed until May 14th. All available Alberta Transportation vehicles and RCPM have been dispatched to Fort McMurray to aid in the evacuation effort. Mr. Ashraf communicated that he would discourage independent groups from taking to the highways this weekend over concerns of safety. The RCMP and Alberta Transportation staff help ensure that people are safe while picking up trash fro the side of the highway, and would prefer that everyone wait until next weekend when they can be present. 

This change in events does not interfere with the Moses Lake cleanup however. If you would still like to help with community clean up, you are welcome to show up at the Moses Lake Rec Centre at 10:00AM and volunteer there for a couple of hours. All volunteers will be treated with a BBQ lunch.