Graffiti in Cardston

There has been a recent wave of graffiti in Cardston, and the Town is seeking the help of all residents in assisting our community peace officer and local police by reporting vandalism or suspicious behaviour, and helping local authorities to identify the persons involved.

Graffiti is vandalism, and the Town of Cardston graffiti bylaw states that any person who applies, or attempts to apply graffiti is guilty of an offence, and subject to a fine of no less than $100 for a first offence. If you notice any individuals who appear to be applying graffiti, or who are loitering in alleys, parks, or other areas after dark, please make an effort to get a description of the persons involved, and report them to police immediately.   

In order to curb repeat offences, and discourage other would-be offenders, the graffiti bylaw requires the owner or occupier of a premises which has been vandalized with graffiti to remove or cover up the graffiti in such a way that it is not visible to the public as soon as possible. If graffiti is not removed within a specified period of time after receiving notice from the Community Peace Officer, then the Town may remove it from the premises at the owners expense. 

The Town can facilitate the removal of graffiti for any businesses or private property for a cost if requested. If you wish to employ the Town to remove any graffiti from your premises, feel free to contact the Town Office and submit a request for services.