Pasture Rentals

April 8th, 12:02 pm.

The Town is no longer accepting bids for the pasture rentals, and congratulates all the high bidders for winning their bids. 

The Town of Cardston is now accepting bids for pasture rentals on:

Lot 1 – 66 acres South of Hwy 5 and West of 12th St. West

Lot 8 – 3.1 acres 9th Ave. West.  – West of Main St.

Lot 9 – 10.7 acres 7th St East – South of Soccer Field

Rental will be yearly on all lots, subject to strict adherence to animal permits and lease agreements, which can be renewed year by year for a period of three years.  After which time the land will be re-advertised for new bids.  

Please submit bids in writing to the Town Office by noon on Friday, April 8, 2016.