Autumn/Fall Cleanup Registration

Autumn/Fall Cleanup will be the week of October 3rd-7th. During cleanup, you may register to have garden or yard waste and other refuse or household waste picked up from in front of your home and taken to the Transfer Station. Please note that the pickup can not take any household hazardous waste (paint, spray cans oil, fuel, etc), toxic waste, or dangerous objects. All waste must comply with the transfer station regulations (click here to view regulations)

The Town will only collect yard waste from addresses that have been registered for a pickup!

View the map if you need help identifying which day your part of Town will be picked up.

View the map if you need help identifying which day your part of Town will be picked up.

To register for a pickup, please fill out the form below. 

The Town will be doing pickups from a different section of Town each day during the week, so be sure to indicate your section of Town in the form, and make note of your pickup day (click on the map on the right for help identifying which section of Town you live in).

You must place everything at the curb where you regularly leave you garbage before 9:00am on your pickup day in order for it to be picked up. 

Fall Cleanup Registration Form

Name *
Please provide your first and last name.
Please indicate your house number and street name.
Phone *
Provide a number you can be reached at during the day in case the pickup crews need to ask you a question.
Please indicate what type of waste you would like to have picked up so the Town crews will know what equipment they need to bring (wood chipper for sticks, flatbed truck for appliances/couches, etc.). The Town will pickup anything that is accepted at the transfer station, including items that require a permit if the proper permit has been obtained in advance. A full listing of items that are, or are not accepted at the transfer station is available on the Town website (
Pickup Day *
Please select the day for the section of town you live in.