The information on this page was communicated by phone, text, and email using the Town's automated one-call municipal alert system. You you live in the affected area and did not receive a notice, then your phone and address information have not yet been inputted into the system. Use the link below to sign up for municipal alerts.

UPDATE (9:05 AM, December 1st):
Scheduled Water Services Interruption
The issue with the water lines on the East hill has yet to be fully resolved.  The affected area is decreasing in size, but more work is required on the 3rd Avenue East of 5th Street, and on 2nd Avenue, East of 7th Street. The water to these areas will be shut off in the early afternoon, and it is anticipated it will only be off for a couple of hours. The Town appreciates the patience of those in the affected area as we work to fix these lines while the ground is still not frozen.

Again, the affected areas this afternoon are, but may not be limited to:
2nd Avenue, east of 7th Street E.
3rd Avenue, east of 5ht Street E.

UPDATE (10:00AM, November 30th): Town Crews are required to turn off the water again in order to replace a valve. This is anticipated to affect from 3rd Street East to the East Bypass on 2nd and 3rd Avenue East. The duration of the outage is not yet known, however, if things go smoothly, the water could be back on mid-afternoon. Please continue to watch this page for updates. 

UPDATE (2:00 PM, November 29th): Town crews are wrapping up for the day, but unfortunately the extent of the damage to the water main was greater than originally presumed. As a result, the water will need to be shut off again tomorrow morning so that some valves can be replaced.

The Town wishes to thank all those affected for their understanding while the work is underway, and apologize for the inconvenience it may pose to some people.

UPDATE: The unearthing of the broken water main on 2nd Avenue it revealed additional work that needs to be done. As a result, the water will also be shut off to portions of 4th Street East, and East of 4th Street on 3rd Avenue. 

A broken water main has been discovered on 2nd Avenue East. The break is not critical at this time, so repairs have been scheduled for Tuesday, November 29th. Repairs will commence first thing in the morning.

In order to complete the repair, the water will need to be shut off to the main on 2nd Ave, this will affect all the homes on 2nd Avenue from 5th Street East to the East Bypass. All the homes on 2nd Avenue East of 5th Street will be without water, possibly for a large portion of the day.

At this time it is advisable to make preparations for the water shut off by saving some water to use throughout the day tomorrow:

  • Fill several containers of water and keep them in your fridge for drinking/cooking water, or purchase water from the grocery store.
  • Fill your bath tub with water to use for flushing your toilet. Pouring a bucket of water into your toilet bowl will cause your toilet to flush normally.
  • Do not plan to use your dishwasher or washing machine while the water is shut off. 
  • Fill your sinks with wash water if washing cannot wait until the work is completed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Town Office (653-3366).