Snow Removal

Snow Removal in the Town of Cardston

The Town of Cardston works to make our roads as safe as possible during the winter months, while conserving tax dollars. We have developed a map of priority routes that focuses on providing emergency personnel with access to key facilities, and opening up the main arteries of the the Town for access. Please take the time to familiarize yourselves with the Town of Cardston street cleaning policies, as well as the snow removal bylaw with regards to clearing sidewalks.

Town of Cardston Bylaw #1595: Snow Removal Bylaw

Street Clearing

The Town clears snow from the streets on a priority route schedule. Priority 1 routes are cleared first, and must remain clear before crews can work on clearing priority 2 routes. Sometimes, the plows will not get past priority 1 routes because by the time they are finished clearing them a first time, they have to start them all over again. There will be times during the winter where the priority 3 and 4 routes will not receive any attention because of this. A map of priority routes can be viewed by clicking the map on the right or by visiting the town office.

Because the town works on a priority schedule, it is advisable for drivers to alter their driving habits when snow is present by staying on the plowed roads as much as possible, even if it means taking you several blocks out of your way. Fewer drivers will get stuck if they choose to drive where the roads are clear, instead of driving the routes they normally take when all the roads are snow free. For example, one problem area in town is the steep hill on Fourth Avenue by the high school. Fourth Avenue is a priority 2 route, when that hill is slippery, it is advisable to proceed to Third Avenue, where the road is less steep, and the first block on either side of Main Street is a priority 1 route. It is also advisable to take advantage of the highways, which are cleared more regularly by the province. Be wise, and plan your routes according to the conditions. 

One last item is parking on the street when the roads are being plowed. Vehicles should not be parked on the street, where possible, when plowing may be necessary. Vehicle owners who fail to remove their vehicles, or any other obstacle from the street, and obstruct a snow plow are considered guilty of an offence, and are subject to a fine under the bylaw. They will also be responsible for clearing the snow off of the street that was missed from around their vehicle.

We thank our citizens for their cooperation with our town’s efforts to keep the roads clear of hazards and as safe as reasonably possible. Your neighbours and your community appreciate your efforts to honour the Town's bylaws. Anyone wishing to review the snow removal bylaw may view it at, or at the town office. Questions concerning the bylaw, or complaints about snow covered sidewalks may be directed to the town office, or to the Community Peace Officer. 

Sidewalks and Driveways

It's always prudent for the town to remind everyone about the snow removal bylaw, and the regulations in effect which govern the removal of snow in Cardston. First and foremost, it is not permissible to clear snow onto the street. Under no circumstances shall any resident blow, shovel, or push snow from sidewalks, walkways, or driveways onto the road. All snow must be deposited back onto your own property in your yard, or onto the boulevard adjacent to your property. Under Section 43 of the Alberta Public Development Act, and Bylaw #1595, property owners who clear snow out onto the streets are guilty of an offence, and can receive a fine for each day their snow remains in the street. 

Every resident is responsible for removing the snow from the sidewalks adjacent to their properties. Snow must be removed from sidewalks within 24hrs after a snowfall has stopped. After 24hrs, a fine can be imposed for each day the sidewalk remains covered with snow if the property owner does not clear it after receiving notice. Complaints about snow covered or slippery sidewalks or streets can be made to the town office 24hrs after a snowfall has stopped.