Snow Removal Bylaw

With the recent snowfall, there are a few items the town wishes to remind it's citizens about concerning Bylaw #1595 – The Snow Removal Bylaw. Click on the link to read the complete bylaw, or click the link below to read a previous post about snow removal.

Read "Snow Removal Information"

Two particular items the Town wishes address are cars parked on the road, and residents clearing snow around vehicles on the road (Regulations 3.4, 3.6 & 3.7 of bylaw 1595).

When clearing snow from in front of your driveway, or when shovelling snow from a town street, it is not permissible to throw the snow or pile the snow on the street, it must be deposited onto the boulevard or yard adjacent to it. On occasion there are people who do not remove their parked cars from the street when it snows, and as a result, their vehicles get stuck. When removing the snow from around or in front of a vehicle on the street, the snow cannot be deposited back on the street, or else the operator of the vehicle will be considered guilty of an offence. 

We thank our citizens for their cooperation with our towns efforts to keep the roads clear of hazards and as safe and  as reasonably possible. Your neighbours and your community appreciate your efforts to honour the Town's bylaws.