Malathion Fogging

The issue of mosquito control in municipalities is complex with many stakeholders and variables to consider. The Town is assembling a policy, which will be considered by Council, that will provide objective, and empirically substantiated guidelines for when to begin fogging.

As we go forward with the season, we expect that there will still be periodic spikes in the mosquito population that will likely merit fogging. We are concerned about how to give residents better advance notice of specifically when fogging will be occurring so they can shut their windows and stop their A/C units to keep the malathion out of their houses. Because fogging depends on so many factors like temperature, wind speed, precipitation, and more, it is difficult to give appropriate advance notice. What we plan to do is to fog only on Tuesday evenings from 11 PM to 1 AM as needed. If the weather doesn't let us fog on Tuesday we will post a change of date on the Town's website and Facebook page.

We know that this is a quite controversial and complex issue with many stakeholders and variables to be considered. Hopefully we can arrive at an arrangement that will satisfy most.

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