Council Letter to Citizens, March 2015


We as Council like to recognize the many talents in our Town who have achieve great success these past couple months. Congratulations to;

  • Our Senior Girls Choir who won Gold at the Choral Fest;
  • Our Cantrice Women’s Choir who won Gold at the Choral Fest;
  • Our High School Girls Varsity Basketball Team who qualified for the Provincials and placed 6th overall;
  • Our High School Boys Varsity Basketball Team who won Silver at the Provincials.

Well done! Thank you all for being great ambassadors for our Town.

This past month has been busy for Council. Here are a few snapshots from Council activities:

Hiring of a new Chief Administrative Officer for the Town

Council hired a Consulting firm to find the best fit of administrator for our Town. Following a thorough and objective selection process, Council is pleased to announce that Mr. Jeff Shaw has been appointed as Chief Administrator Officer for the Town of Cardston , commencing April 1, 2015. As Manager for our Town’s Corporation, Mr. Shaw brings to the job strong work ethics, solid academic and professional qualifications and a sound practical knowledge of the world of Municipal Affairs. His familiarity with all stakeholders, local and regional, will be a great asset to our Town. We wish him all the best as CAO and want to thank him for his excellent services while acting as Interim CAO for the past two months.

Organizational Review/ Mini-Audit by George Cuff

It was Council’s desire to have our review by Mr. Cuff, Expert Consultant in Municipal Affairs, brought forward when we faced replacing our CAO. The review that we obtained was very complementary of the work Council and Administration have accomplished up to now to improve their governance model. With the recommendations we received, much more will be done by this committed Council in the next two years to reach a level of excellence in governance. It is the belief of this Council that a strong governance model will be a legacy for many future Councils to come. A review of our organizational structure was also done and potential future changes to our present model were also recommended.

Municipal Development Plan, Bylaw 1631

Council approved the Municipal Development Plan developed under the guidance of Perry Neufeld, Ryan Dyck and staff from ORRSC (Oldman River Regional Services Commission), and as Mayor I want to thank all those in our community who participated with me in this lengthy review. In particular we like to recognize Mike deWinter as our Chair, Dr. Mel Cottle, Tom Matkin, Ken Sommerfeldt and Councillor David Edmonds as well as all those who participated in the public consultation process. The information in this plan will guide and shape long-term growth and development within the Town.

Council had much to deal with in the month of March. Here are some highlights of Council

Meetings of March 17 and March 24, 2015

  • Deputy Mayor appointment: Cou. Bengry is now our Deputy Mayor for a period of 8 months starting March 1, 2015. We thank him for accepting this role.
  • Council Remuneration Policy: Council will review the 2014 compensation budget allocation when mill rate will be set in May 2015. The 2014 Budget adjustments will reflect actual changes made by policy in 2013 regarding Council remuneration. The 2014 budget is a balanced budget as mandated by the Municipal Government Act. 
  • Cat Bylaw: If you would like to address Council regarding the Cat Bylaw you are invited to register your interest with Council so that you can address your concerns with Council on April 7, 2015. This is to allow citizens and cat owners to give their input prior to Council adopted the Bylaw. 
  • Policy D-30: This new policy will allow administration to dispose of surplus assets, inventory and other items and to recoup some costs.
  • Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance. The rejoining of our Town to this Alliance will increase our awareness and contribution to the potential economic development of the Region, a direct or indirect benefit to ourselves or to all communities that actively participate at the table. The cost to join is $1.00 per year per capita. Cou. Peavoy has been assigned to represent our Town and to debrief Council on a monthly basis.
  • Electrical Investment Policy. In keeping with Council’s goal to attract new businesses in Town, and because the Town owns the Electrical Utility, Council requested that Administration develop an Electrical Investment Policy similar to that of Town of Ponoka or based on the Fortis model. This will give our Town a competitive edge to attract new businesses and to offer them an incentive to start business in Town.
  • George Cuff’s recommendations: Policy reviews will be integrated in our Strategic Planning and will be dealt with on a priority basis. Council expects to have all governance policies reviewed and in place within the next 12 to 18 months. New policies will also be drafted to cover identified gaps.
  • Land Use Bylaw Communication and Engagement Plan: A committee will review the Land Use Bylaw and bring forward potential changes to reflect our times and needs and to comply with the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan. We strongly encourage all citizens in town to take the 10 -15 minutes necessary to fill the Land Use Bylaw Survey that will be delivered at your door. This survey will guide the review of the Land Use Bylaw for our Town and will affect our Town’s future development. Filling this survey is a way for our citizens to actively participate in our democratic process and in Local Government. We appreciate your cooperation. 

It is always a pleasure to serve you all.

Mayor Kronen