Who Depends On You In 72? Community

Your community depends on you to help out before, during, and after emergencies. Consider becoming a part of a local community league, crime watch or non-government organization such as Red Cross. Many community based organizations need volunteers to assist in emergency preparedness activities including building awareness, staffing local resources that could be used if the worst was to happen like your local school gym or community hall. Attend a community CPR/First Aid class, become a member of the Amateur radio society or just get to know your neighbours as they will be your closest ally in the first few minutes of an emergency.   

What situation is your community in?  Take a look around your community to identify what your risks are, are you near a water source, near train tracks or an industrial area.  Once you know the risks in your community you can better plan for disaster events.  Find out what your municipality plans are, how they plan on communicating with the public during times of crisis, what plans you can access on line for your local area and who can you talk to ask more questions.

72 Hour Kit Shopping List Items - Day Three:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Extra keys to your cars and house
  • Cash in smaller bills and change for payphones, vending machines
  • Toilet Paper
  • Hand Sanitizer