A Letter from the Mayor


Dear fellow citizens,

As Council, we wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our citizens. Best wishes to you and your loved ones, we hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season with your friends and family this year.


  • To our CES Remembrance Day Choir, Cardston Girls Choir, the High School Band, and Jill Heninger for sharing their musical talents at the Remembrance Day Ceremony, and thank you to all our citizens who came to show support for our veterans and to honour our fallen heroes. It was a special day full of emotion.
  • To our Communities in Bloom Committee and especially our Festival of Lights Committee who have brought some magic to our Remington Center this Christmas. Take the time to visit the museum grounds with your friends and loved ones at night. It is beautiful! Thanks to all who donated their time and money towards this enchanting lights display, and many thanks to our electrical department for the many hours of work they donated setting it up. 
  • To the Rotary Club for organizing the superb Christmas Music Festival!


  • To our Public works and Water and Waste Water Department for completing all water, sewer and road projects before the cold weather set in.  Although many people in town were inconvenienced, it was worth waiting for. Thank you to all those who expressed their appreciation for the new roads.
  • To Parks and Recreation for having a very successful year at the pool and for their efforts in getting the slides ready before the cold weather set in.  We look forward to a very successful year at the pool!
  • To our Electrical Department for completing another section of town with the new 25 KVA lines. The construction we have done continues to improve the stability and reliability of the system. 

COUNCIL SESSIONS: Here are some highlights

  • Councillors participated in the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association’s (AUMA) yearly education sessions in Calgary this past September. It is a good time for Councillors to understand changes and trends in the Provincial politics. 
  • Council took the time to meet with various ministerial departments to address issues such as creek remediation projects and infrastructure. 
  • Council held an open house for the new Land Use Bylaw – Thanks to all who attended and provided their input.
  • Council held an open house to present the changes in electrical distribution and transmission fees. The Town sets these rates based upon provincially set charges that must be covered, plus the amount required to operate the local electrical system. We felt it important for citizens to understand the upcoming changes in their billing.
  • Council received a training session in Emergency Preparedness and participated in a mock disaster event.
  • Council met with citizens at Community Awareness Night – Thank you to all who stopped by and chatted with us regarding the upgrade to the swimming pool, utility rates and the CodeRED emergency notification system. 
  • Council passed a new Utility Rates Bylaw. Changes will be reflected in January billing. Council has taken a conservative approach, but inflationary costs needed to be addressed while setting our rates. 
  • Council worked with Administration and the Financial Department to establish the 2016 budget, as well as plan for the 2017-2018 operational budgets and for the 2016-2020 capital budgets. The 2016 budget was approved at the December 8th Regular Council Meeting. Council feels that it is a prudent budget. The Mill rate will be set in May 2016. 
  • Council thanks Councillor Bengry for his good services as Deputy Mayor. Councillor Creed will now assume this responsibility. 


Please continue to be vigilant -

  • Protect your property by day and by night. Keep your doors locked at all times and garages shut when not in use. Do not leave valuables in your car and make sure doors and windows are shut. For added protection to your property, our Police Sergeant recommends that you take time to inform the RCMP of prolonged absences from town. 
  • If approached on the street, please remember to state that it is illegal to panhandle in Cardston.

It is always a pleasure to serve you.  

Mayor Kronen