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Policing Q&A

Mayor-Sergeant Q&A Proposed Question Submission Form

Town Council will be hosting a video-recorded question and answer session in the near future between the Mayor of Cardston and the Sergeant of the Cardston Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment.

During the Q&A, the Mayor will be asking questions submitted by the people of Cardston related to things like the work the RCMP do in Cardston, and what advice they have on protecting private property and staying safe.

If you have a question related to policing and law enforcement in Town that you would like to have answered by the RCMP Sergeant, please use the form below to submit them. After a satisfactory number of questions have been received,  the Town will arrange a time for the Mayor to deliver the questions to the RCMP, and the video will be shared on the Town website and social media. 



If you had the opportunity to have a candid conversation with the Cardston RCMP Sergeant, what question or questions would you ask? Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. The sergeant will not be able to answer every question submitted, but the Mayor will take a fair number of the most asked questions to get answers for.