The Town of Cardston obtains its raw water from two surface water sources, Lee Creek and St. Mary’s River. We also obtain water from the Leavitt Irrigation District which is primarily used for irrigation purposes. There are two raw water storage reservoirs adjacent to the water treatment plant with a combined storage capacity of 293,000m3; this is approximately three months worth of raw water storage.

The water treatment facility was built in 1987 with further upgrades in 2003. Continual upgrades are made to maintain an excellent quality of drinking water for the Town. There is sufficient treatment and storage capacity to service many more residents in Cardston. The Town of Cardston and Cardston County are entering into water conveyance agreements to expand the delivery of potable water to residents in the County.

For water connections, or for changing utilities over to a new owner or tenant, call Enmax toll free at 310-2010

To shut off the water at your property or for problems with water or sewer call the Town office at 403-653-3366 or our after hours emergency number 403-653-5035.

Water Rates

For Current water utility rates, refer to the most recent amendment of Town of Cardston Bylaw #1582.

Bylaw #1582E - Utility Rates Amendment - Effective December 11th, 2018.