Cardston has a recently updated Sewer Treatment Plant. The upgrades to our plant improved performance of our infrastructure and mitigated damages to our surrounding environment. In order to ensure that our sewer system is well maintained and is self sufficient, the rates outlined in the most recent Utilities Bylaw are charged to all locations connected to the system.

Commercial Water Loss Factor
A water loss factor may be applied to non-residential customers that have significant water loss. Water loss is defined as incoming metered water that is diverted away from the town’s sewer system, and therefore does not get treated. For example, commercial customers with significant irrigation or water consumed in a product or manufacturing process may qualify for a water loss factor. Customers that have significant water loss can make application to the town for consideration of a water loss factor. The customer will be required to prove significant water loss.

Institutional Water Loss Factor
A water loss factor may be applied to Institutional customers that have significant use of metered water for irrigation purposes. Where there is significant irrigation use, billing will be capped at the maximum of average winter water consumption from November 1st to March 31st of the previous year. In cases where there is no historical data, average winter consumption will be based on similar properties or other relevant measures.